Centar za decu i omladinu

Vrnjačka Banja

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Predstava...Predstava...Behind its regular activities Youth centre realize few specific projects thankful to finance support of foreign donors.

"Rent a bike" project started in June 2004 and still is active. Youth centre received 13 bicycles from ACDI/VOCA financed by USAID. Youth centre in cooperation with Special Hospital "Merkur" rents bikes to turists which come to enhence their health attaced from digestive and metabolic illnesses. Income is used for material supplies for regular creative activities of Youth center.

From April 2004 to May 2005 is realized project of UNESCO-a "A Little International Illustrated Primer" together with french Youth Centre MJC Bazin from Nancy and Youth club from Mali. Idea of this project is to connect young people from three countries with different culture, religion and economy to allow kids to meet through expression of their art abilities drawing letters.

From November 2004 up to October 2005 Youth Centre realizes project "Strenghtening of awareness for protection of health life surrounding" supported by Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe and finance support of Europpean Commission - Europe Aid. Idea of this project is to enhence public awareness for importance to take care for life surrounding. Leader of theater workshop works with 20 young acters member of Youth Centre on preparing and performing of kids' fable "A Little Red Riding Hood" changed in ecology manner. The performance is presented to 1200 kids from Vrnjacka Banja 22.03.2005, 400 kids in Kraljevo 15.06.2005 and 400 kids in Trstenik 06.06.2005, and following two months (October and November 2005) is going to be presented to kids from Uzice, Kragujevac, Krusevac and Raska. Ivanka Milosevic with few artists worked on creating of costumes and painting of three stages. 30 young ecologysts leaded by Milica Ceperkovic worked on creation of drawings and eco messages which were used for creation of poster and leaflet. They distribute leaflets to kids before each performance. Coordinator Valentina Krstic is responsible for entire organization and coordination of the activities, production of Video tapes and CDs of theater performance, cooperation with schools, youth organizations and distribution of printed and recorded material.

ACDI/VOCA approved equipment foir realization of Youth project "Youth redaction" where is planned issuing of Youth newspapers. End of September 2005 10 young people from gymnazium started to attend course for journalizm and graphic design in Youth Centre. After training they will prepare newspapers with lot of important and useful informations for young people from Vrnjacka Banja. The first number of the Youth newspapers is planned to be issued end of November 2005.