Centar za decu i omladinu

Vrnjačka Banja

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Pridružite nam se...Pridružite nam se...In the framework of its regular work Youth centre offers various activities devided in three categories: creative, educative and leisure activities.

Educative activities:

  • PC courses (basic and advanced)
  • Foreign languages courses: English and French
  • Help for school (additional and complementive) for math, phisycs, chemistry, english, french and latin languages
  • Preparations for high shool exams for serbian language and matematics

Creative workshops:

  • Theater workshop
  • Design workshop
  • Ecology workshop
  • Fun science


  • Dance
  • Table tennis
  • PC games
  • Youth rhythm band
  • Listen of musics, watching of films
  • Leisure social games
  • Celebrations and birthdays